Air rifle enthusiasts need the right equipment to pursue their hobby. However, it is not enough to have a well-selected weapon from a proven and respected manufacturer. If we want to achieve optimal results, it is also important to consider what pellets we plan to use. Although it may seem that this is a rather simple choice and you only need to know a few basic parameters to choose the right product, nothing could be more wrong. The differences between them are huge, so we cannot choose any one, hoping that it will be able to do its job.

How to make the right choice

Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered unequivocally. The pellet should be adapted to both the weapon and the shooter. The main criterion for its selection in any case should be accuracy. Therefore, it is worth finding out what types of pellets may suit us, and the final decision should be made by trying which will work best. Before that, however, it is worth considering which products will certainly not fit our weapons.

What are the different types of pellet?

The basic parameters we can talk about here are caliber, weight and shape. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that each of them is properly selected.


The question of choosing the caliber should be obvious. The point is, of course, that the pellet should fit well in the barrel. If we want to know what product to choose for our airgun, we can check the manual or enter the name of the model on the Internet.


As for weight, it is given in grans, which is values that are around 0.06479 grams. Depending on our preferences and needs, we can choose light, medium or heavy pellet. Remember that the lighter the pellet, the higher the muzzle velocity. Due to the fact that it will lower the barrel quickly, it will be less susceptible to vibration of the weapon. However, it will be less stable in flight. Light pellets will work well with weaker weapons.

In stronger airguns, heavier pellets are often used, which make better use of the energy transmitted by the spring. Although it reaches a slower speed, it retains its energy for a longer time, so it can also be used over longer distances.


We can choose from flat, pointed, rounded and Hollow Point pellets and more. Each type of pellet is intended for different applications and works in different conditions.

Flat pellet is used in sports shooting. Due to the fact that it loses speed relatively quickly, it is used for short distances. Makes the clearest holes in the dial.

The pointed model is usually chosen for its penetration capabilities. Like the flat one, it works best at short distances. It is used in medium and low energy airguns. It also works well for relatively tough targets such as cans or bottles.

The rounded pellet is one of the most popular solutions, because it is characterized by high accuracy also at longer distances and also works well for stronger airguns. In addition, it also provides quite a lot of penetration opportunities. It is used in the case of long and short airguns equipped with a threaded barrel.

Slug pellets are usually quite heavy and have a caliber of 5.5. It looks like a projectile with a concave tip. In countries where it is legal, it is used for hunting pests. In Poland, however, the law prohibits any hunting with the use of an airgun.

These are, of course, only the basic types of pellets. A whole range of products in various shapes is available on the market. In the case of short airguns with a smooth barrel, we can, for example, select ball shot. There are also special models that do not belong to any of the basic types.

Pellet selection

If you want to make your choice easier, it is worth knowing the meaning of all the parameters described. It is necessary to know what power the airgun has and what its caliber is. It is also important to identify your own needs. Once we know this, all we have to do is try different types of products to finally find the one we shoot best.