Is pneumatic shooting a safe sport discipline? Yes, as long as we remember about procedures and consider that any weapon in inexperienced hands can be dangerous.

We should remember that if we follow the procedure, nothing bad will happen to us or anyone in our environment. If you take care of everything, you will be able to continue to enjoy a pleasant and satisfying hobby. That's why it's worth to get familiar with our security decalogue.

First of all - take care of yourself

The basis here will be appropriately selected personal protective equipment. For this purpose, you should have the special clothes and safety glasses. It is better to have such equipment and never need it, than to need it and not have it.

Second - weapon is not a toy!

No matter what power your air rifle has, it can always inflict massive damage to you and others. Therefore, it must be treated with respect and special caution.

Third - ALWAYS approach the gun as if it is loaded and ready to fire

If you are always careful, you will never make a tragic mistake. This is why, under no circumstances you mustn’t target at people or animals, or things you don't know will explode.

Fourth - make sure several times that the equipment is operational and secured when required

Not sure if your gun is secured? You should check it immediately. Any time you are in the wrong place with your gun potentially unlocked, there is a risk of an accident. As the owner, you should also remember that you are responsible for your weapon and its proper technical condition.

Fifth - always keep an eye on your air rifle

You never know whose hands it can fall into. Even a second of inattention can cause that your airgun fall into the hands of a child or an inexperienced person, and from there it is only a step to an accident.

Sixth - check your surroundings each time

You need to be vigilant and make sure that you keep yourself out of the line of fire.


Seventh - have fun

Take nothing for granted and carefully analyze all circumstances. If you want to keep yourself and others safe, you must always be vigilant.

Eighth - measure opportunities against intentions

Remember to choose your weapons, pellets, target and surroundings according to your skills.

Ninth – be a good example for others

Regardless of whether you are still a novice or an experienced player, set an example and show others that you can follow the rules!

Tenth - respect yourself and others

We follow the safety rules, regardless we shoot at the shooting range or in the open space.