The essence of shooting is, of course, accuracy. It is the placement of the shot as close to the centre of the target as possible that gives us the greatest joy and satisfaction. Therefore, the most important thing is to develop as much repeatability as possible. The key is, of course, to learn the correct posture. If we arrange our bodies in the same way before each shot, the conditions during each shot will be very similar, which will make the pellet fly along a similar trajectory. Thanks to this, we will be able to achieve repeatable results. Depending on your preferences or needs, you can shoot standing, kneeling, lying or sitting.


Standing position

Standing shooting is, of course, the most classic variant. In the case of an air rifle, a sports posture is most often used. Although it may seem uncomfortable at first, it will become completely comfortable after a while. When adopting it, position yourself sideways so your feet are in the line of the riffle. Then lean out your left hip and put left elbow on it. Then place the stock on the right shoulder and put your right hand on the handle. This is for dominant right side. If your dominant side is left then change respectively.


Kneeling position

If you decide to use this position, you should put your left leg forward and bend your right leg at the knee. You can sit on your right foot and rest your left elbow on your knee. Support the stock with the right hand, remembering that the elbow should be close to the body. This is for dominant right side. If your dominant side is left then change respectively.


Lying position

Due to the possibility of supporting directly on the ground, this position ensures very high stability and, consequently, precision. However, it is important to position the whole body correctly. Remember to relax your legs and grasp the handle and the airgun butt with your hands. The angle between the forearm and the ground should be at least 30 degrees.


Shooting while sitting

When shooting in a sitting position, you can either sit cross-legged or use a chair and a support. It is worth knowing that this stance is very often used when firing sniper rifles. The most important issue here is the proper relaxation of the body, so that there are no cramps, no involuntary body movements that make it difficult to aim.


The position is not everything, the hold is also important

If you want to ensure optimal accuracy, you should also remember to hold the airgun properly. Place your right hand naturally on the handle and remember not to squeeze it. The phalanges should be at right angles to the barrel. The left hand must support the air rifle.