Lead is a material from which pellets for air rifles have been made for years. Many people find it hard to imagine shooting without using classic lead pellets. However, it is worth knowing that there is an alternative available in the form of lead-free ecologically friendly. The problem with traditional pellets is that shots, which do not hit a trap contribute to the emission of toxic lead into the environment. While the small size of the pellets may make the problem seem minor, the reality is more serious than you might think. It is estimated that, because of sport and hunting shooting as well as fishing in the European Union, 100,000 tons of lead are released into the environment every year. It is also worth knowing that the highest percentage of this substance is emitted as a result by sport shooting.

What are eco-pellets

The rescue for nature is to be eco-pellets made of lead-free metals or alloys, such as e.g., tin, the greatest advantage of which is the fact that they are harmless to the environment. It is also worth remembering that their parameters make a lot of fun when shooting and allows you to achieve optimal accuracy.
Can eco-pellets damage the barrel of an air rifle?

Unfortunately, many people are reluctant to switch to green ammunition. They repeat the common claims that the pellets made of steel could damage the thread of the air rifle barrel. However, it is worth remembering that in the case of steel pellets, a caliber smaller than the barrel diameter is used. As a result, during the shot, it does not meet the barrel walls, thus not exposing it to any damage.

Eco-pellets and EU regulations

Although the use of traditional lead pellets is currently 100% legal, it is not known whether this situation will not change soon. Increasingly, there are voices to ban the use of lead ammunition in the European Union. It is worth taking such ideas seriously, especially considering that in January 2023 a regulation will come into force that will prevent us from using lead ammunition in wetlands. Caring for the environment is very important nowadays. That is why we must be ready for the fact that more and more items in our environment will be replaced with more eco-friendly versions. As a toxic material, lead may be permanently replaced with more environmentally neutral equivalents over time.