The air rifle shooting is a beautiful hobby that allows you to spend time pleasantly and have fun. That is why every year it is gaining popularity and more and more people decide to buy their first airgun. However, the decision to start your adventure with this discipline is associated with a dilemma - which model to choose? The answer is not obvious and depends on many factors, but you only need to consider a few points and the choice becomes much easier.

The air rifle price

Each person starting an adventure with a new hobby has a specific budget. It is very often limited, if only because most people do not know whether shooting will be only a temporary adventure or a passion for life. For this reason, they do not want to invest significant resources in the purchase of the first equipment.
On the other hand, there are people who want to buy equipment that can serve them for many years. They are sure of their decision, therefore they spend more money on the purchase.

Both attitudes are understandable and are of great importance when choosing a specific model. They also act as a filter that greatly narrows the selection field.

The air rffle - long or short?

There are many models of airguns on the market, which can be divided into long and short models. In this regard, the choice should be carefully considered. It is not worth being guided only by emotions and aesthetic taste, it is much better to choose a model that will be well suited to our expectations. Incorrect selection may make a specific airgun not meet our expectations and, as a result, discourage us from a new hobby.

The specific type of air rifle should be tailored to our needs. If we are mainly interested in recreational shooting at short distances, the short model will meet our expectations. In a situation where we need more range and power, a long air rifle will be a better solution.

Power supply typ

It is also worth considering whether we are interested in a model powered by compressed gas or a spring model. The advantage of models powered by CO2 cartridges is that there is no need to reload after each shot. Unfortunately, they retain maximum efficiency only for the first dozen or so shots, then their effectiveness drops significantly. Spring-driven models require reloading after each shot.