Our offer includes professional Polish production pointed pellet with exceptional penetration properties. Excellent workmanship ensures that its characteristics are maintained - in our offer it is available in one weight and in one size. Like any other product from our production, it undergoes a very restrictive selection process, thanks to which it becomes a perfect product in every inch. Pointed is a pellet used in sport shooting with special requirements: the shot should be precise and fast. The pointed ending increases the flight speed as well as the penetration of the selected target. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, pointed pellet works well both during exercises and professional shooting competitions. It allows you to train a good eye and achieve satisfactory results.

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Hobby - szpiczasty / pointed

Hobby - szpiczasty / pointed

Pointed pellet intended for target shooting.

Price 18.70 zł
Śrut Pointed Heavy Olympia...

Śrut Pointed Heavy Olympia...

Point-headed pellet intended for HFT.

Price 24.39 zł
Pointed XSize 5,5 mm

Pointed XSize 5,5 mm

POINTED XSIZE 5.5 is a pellet with high penetration and excellent flight result. It is intended for rifles with an energy of at least 25 J (a better result is obtained with an energy of 40 to 60 J). They precisely hit targets at distances of 50, 100 or even 200 meters.

Price 20.49 zł


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