From year to year, more and more people begin their adventure with an air rifleshooting . However, not everyone knows that only an air rifle and a supply of shot are not enough to play. It is very important to stock up on the necessary accessories.

The case

Thanks to it, we can ensure comfort when carrying weapons. Let's face it, the carabiner is quite bulky when carrying it, it is easy to hook it on something and thus damage it. If we put it in a cover, just hang it over your shoulder and you can comfortably take it with you.

The cover also protects the windbreaker against external factors. By choosing it, we protect the carabiner against dirt.

The airgun container

Pellets are sold in snap-on or screw-on cans. Both of these solutions are inconvenient. Snap-on packages open very often during transport, scattering the shot. If we have a twist-off can, after each shot we have to struggle with opening and closing it, which is also problematic. That is why it is worth getting a convenient container that will provide us with easy access to the shot and protect it from spilling.

Bullet trap and paper shooting target

If we want to enjoy shooting, it is worth investing in the right target. It is worth getting a bullet trap and paper targets for it. It is a convenient solution because the shot hitting the bullet trap does not ricochet and collects inside. Moreover, the structure can be both positioned and suspended.

Air rifle cleaning accessories

As with many things, if you want to enjoy a fully functional airgun for a long time, you need to take care of it properly. For this purpose, it is worth getting accessories for cleaning the carabiner. There are special oils on the market, preparations for cleaning the barrels and cleaning rods.


In order to be as effective as possible, many people buy an optical sight. This is a good solution because it allows you to achieve much better results than in the case of aiming a rear sight.