Olympia Shot was established as a new brand of AP Polska Kiecoń products.

In response to the growing popularity of the subject of sport shooting, we became interested in a new type of product. To meet the growing market expectations, we created the Olympia Shot brand and launched a comprehensive production line from scratch. We currently offer different types of riffle and pistol pellet - for amateurs who shoot for entertainment and value good quality at a good price, and for sport shooters for whom we prepare the highest quality products.

Our clients are shooting ranges, sports clubs, hunting clubs, military stores and anyone who is more or less professionally involved in sport shooting.

This time we introduce ourselves to the customer as the first Polish producer of shotguns for windbreakers. We are a Polish company, a family company. Our headquarters is located in Ustroń and the production line in Goleszów in the Śląskie Voivodeship. We use the highest quality machines and components to ensure the best product quality. We have our own shooting range at which all types of produced shot are cyclically checked. We also provide our clients with the opportunity to test our products.There are more advantages, so we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details of the Olympia Shot offer, as well as the technical specifications of the products we offer.

Olympia Shot is a company worth betting on!

When we launched the production plant in 2018, we had to meet not only the challenges of strong competition, but also strict quality standards. Highly raised bar, however, are not an obstacle for us, on the contrary - it is an additional motivation for action.

Today, AP Polska with the Olympia Shot brand is among the national leaders in the industry, participating in setting new directions in technology development and quality. All our partners value us for reliability and professionalism.

We invite you to cooperation!!